Tuesday is the final day to enter MC1.

Here are the current entries:
The Matrix by Popey
Between Wind and Water by Mr.Wildcard

PC - SP:
28 Months Later by ParvissimusUA
Extinction by SHERmaan_RTB
Silent Running by MrFLeeF

XB1 - SP:
Maze Runner by TurtLeSZzzz

If your entry isn't listed here let me know by tomorrow night before midnight on Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone that entered, the maps look fantastic!
Map contest Map contest #1

We are pleased to announce our 1st theme contest for Far Cry 5. These have been a tradition since FC2, so let's hope this is the first of many for FC5. This contest is purely for fun and to keep the community engaged, so no attitudes or egos allowed. We will have an esteemed...
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Its a dam crysis

A basic, nothing special TDM map loosely based on the dam in Crysis 3

Pools of Siloam, that was published (and messed up) by Ubisoft on all platforms, renamed Ancient Market by them

De_Dust 2 remake

Scale is slightly larger, but still works well

Ill add more vids, if he makes more. I think he is making one of...
The map I made with Izoolee was featured as number 2, the De_Dust2 remake on PC.

And Roberts (MauroRobert aka GCVos) Paris map as well!
Far Cry 5 has received a new update this morning and Ubisoft has provided the full patch notes. The update is currently only available for the PC version. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will see the patch land on Monday, April 9th.

Title Update 4 brings a handful of fixes, addressing issues such as Arcade crashes and save corruption. A quick tour of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 technical support forum reveals that these are among the two most...
Far Cry 5 We need testers
If you have a map you need tested, leave the details here (or in chat) and when you'll be available.
Ubi has released an overview for the map editor and game modes

Link: Far Cry 5 map editor overview and game modes