Far Cry 5's Larry Parker is one of the many characters you'll meet in the game, and one of the few who isn't worried about The Project at Eden's Gate. He's more concerned about his crazy conspiracies, and a greater threat, to all mankind.

How to participate?

• Publish your FC4 map between December 22nd 2017 and 12th January 2018.
• The name of your map should start with "MJ3 – NAMEOFMAP”.
• You are free to use any game mode and any in-game modifier. Please do not use third-party Mods.
• You are free to create on any platform. Note...
You know what this town needs? BALLS!

Ubisoft has delayed Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 •
By Matt Wales Published 07/12/2017

Ubisoft has announced delays for three of its upcoming titles: Far Cry 5, open-world driving sequel The Crew 2, and a third, currently unannounced game.

Far Cry 5 was originally scheduled to release on February 27th 2018 and will now launch...
Procedural World Generation of 'Far Cry 5'
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Topic: Visual Arts
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How do you fill up 10 square km of wilderness with a terrain...
Get 'em while their hot!

AC: Black Flag & World in Conflict FREE till Dev 11 on UPLAY

Ubisoft has been very generous giving away free games the past couple years on Uplay!

Almost all the game I have on Uplay I got for free from them, and the collection just keeps getting bigger.

Whether I play them or not (any time soon anyways) will be determined.

Im pretty sure Ill try out ACBF, cause its suppose to be a good game, though I have never...