1. Anorexic Buddah
    Created by Anorexic Buddah
    Mar 31, 2017

    They confirmed this game will have an In Game Editor and support Mods.
  2. Anorexic Buddah
    Created by Anorexic Buddah
    Feb 23, 2017

    Just showing the helicopter flying in coop on a user made map, some Palm Trees from the Far Cry 3 collections in Far Cry 4 and some A.I. all from mods - Thanks to Fino.

    With the player been able to collect masks, letters and other things then sell them back to the shop plus upgrade skill points it is interesting to see if we wil ever be able to further create maps where you have to level up and buy / sell things to make progress.
  3. tominatorx2010
    Created by tominatorx2010
    Feb 6, 2017
    Level design. Something a lot of people here have experience with (especially when it comes down to making MP maps). But the topic I want to talk about this time is SP level design. Specifically open world vs pseudo open world games.

    The topic came to my mind yesterday when I was playing Sniper Elite 3, a game I would call pseudo open world. While many people rightfully think about games like: Rage and Wolfenstein 2009 when they hear pseudo open world, I consider games like Crysis 3 and...